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When you are running a business in London, energy is one of your main concerns both in terms of cost as well as security of supply. Yet London appears to be dragging its feet when it comes to installing commercial solar panel arrays; let’s look at a few statistics.

It has been reported that overall in the UK from 2021 to 2022, domestic solar panel installations as well as commercial solar panel installations increased by something approaching three quarters, yet in London it appears that solar uptake has been lower compared with most other UK cities; this is despite a study by Energy for London suggesting something up to 20% of overall electricity usage could be supplied by installing commercial solar panels in London with domestic solar installations offering similar benefits.

It seems that many London business owners are yet to be convinced of the benefits of commercial solar panels even though there is a great push both locally and nationally by authorities and central government to increase the number of commercial solar installations and there domestic counterparts.

In an endeavour to change this, London City Hall has published a map illustrating the solar opportunities for London.

Let’s face it, most roofs are as good as any other roof for a commercial solar array in London. We just need to look at Blackfriars Bridge to see what is possible and just how much electricity a commercial solar installation can generate in London. Most commercial buildings such as offices and warehouses are much more straightforward as solar installation projects compared with this bridge.

Offices offer great potential as a roof doesn’t have to be just the typical industrial metal box section sheet. Many offices are adorned with solar installations including flat roofs where alternative installations structures can be installed. How many computers and servers can be run directly from an office solar installation? With supply protection and back-up in-built into a system, the great and the good of the tech world now run their machines from solar energy. Then there’s air-conditioning systems to be considered. After all, when the sun shines the aircon is on. When the sun shines solar panels produce electricity.

For the most part asking the question of a reputable commercial solar installer and getting a costing is free. Most of the first indications for a solar array can be carried-out remotely so your time looking initially into a commercial solar project can be very efficiently used.

To find out more and receive an idea of what a commercial solar installation in London would cost, and also what it would save in energy, click here:

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