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Tax Implications for Commercial Solar

Updated: Feb 2

Ref.: Menzies LLP

Menzies informs us that The UK Warehouse Association reports that warehouses account for around 33% of all commercial roofing in the UK which is certainly notable in East Anglia, especially Norfolk and Suffolk as well as London.

This offers huge potential opportunities for commercial organisations across the UK to take full advantage of installing warehouse solar panels. However uptake has been relatively quiet, given the huge potential and massive savings to be had. Further there can be possible tax implications with installing commercial solar.

With MEES (minimum expected energy standards) needing to be EPC B by 2030 for commercial rented properties, an easy way as part of getting there is installing high-efficiency commercial-grade solar panels. There is further good news. There is 100% tax relief for eligible assets as well as 50% under the "full expensing" rules.

To learn more go to Menzies which has an office in London but not yet in Norfolk nor Suffolk and in fact are yet to expand into East Anglia. However they are fully contactable; visit: and for more details about installation visit or call 020 3026 1856.

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